Yuyu Xu

Yuyu Xu stunning ex Flash Wolves cutie with a smile you can’t resist

Yuyu Xu is a stunningly beautiful girl from Taiwan, she was a former member of the League of Legends Flash Wolves girls team, she primarily played "Jungle". Yuyu Xu also streams many of her games and is quite active on social media.


Irene Yu Beautiful Taiwanese Promotional Model with angelic features

Irene Yu is a beautiful Taiwanese model and promotional model, she has worked in many events and exhibitions, a video of her testing the water resistantness of the iPhone in a bathtub went viral and she gained many mainstream media attention. Irene Yu had also been an assistant on a cooking TV show.

Beth Lookgade “Face of the Millennium” Stunning Thai model

Beth Lookgade is a stunning model from Thailand, not only does she have delicate features, she has a gorgeous, stunning figure that you just can't take your eyes off of. Beth Lookgade primarily works as a model and promotional model, and she frequently shares many of her work and selfies online, she even got the title of "Face of the Millennium" from netizens.

Change Way stunning English Teacher that you wish were your tutor

Change Way is a stunning girl from Taiwan, her original primary job was an English teacher, but she has also been working as a promotional model quite frequently, and has worked for many large companies such as Kingston and Tower of Saviors at many exhibitions and events.

manyo_yoojin “Spooky Witch” Stunning Korean blogger

manyo_yoojin is a blogger/IG Model from Korea, her IG nickname is quite interesting, roughly translated it means "Spooky Witch", however, that could not be further from the truth; manyo_yoojin is actually quite stunning and with a figure that many would envious.

Miso Chang Stunning leggy Goddess model

Miso Chang (Xia Qing) is a beautiful model originally from Singapore, she is now based and has lived in Taiwan for more than 10 years, she's blessed with a pair of long and slim legs that are 109 cm long.


yimengling 零死角長腿女神 網:「美翻」

今天正妹時代為大家介紹的是位來自中國的美女 yimengling,非常上鏡的她隨便一拍,不管什麼姿勢或穿什麼都非常好看,簡直就是零死角啊!加上她纖長的身材和修長美腿,完全就是天生的衣架子啊,真是許多人心中的女神:「你穿这帆布鞋也太好看了吧」、「Beautiful as usual」、「好漂亮呀❤️」、「美翻😍」

Xiaomei Yang 白皙肌膚的電眼美女

Xiaomei Yang 是名擁有白皙肌膚,精緻五官和電眼的美女正妹;擁有姣好身材的她經常在網路上分享日常生活和出遊的照片,目前已經有超過5萬人追蹤了,喜歡她的網友們快去加入吧~

薛如涵 Minnie 34E呼之欲出好身材的甜美車模

薛如涵 今年才24歲,五官甜美、上圍豐滿雙腿纖細,雖然只有160公分,但是完美比例讓她看起來好像身高170的麻豆,時常在各大賽車活動中擔任賽車女郎,人氣之高還曾經獲選賽車女郎票選冠軍喔!大家一定早就被她超級胸湧的雙峰給吸引住,雖然臉書上的尺寸是D罩杯,但是目測之下,感覺有E甚至是F cup喔!

Must read

Yumi Lin Slim & Leggy Weather Girls cutie

Yumi Lin is a member of the Taiwanese girl group "Weather Girls", she was also signed by EeLin Entertainment previously as a model, and has appeared in many magazines and commercials.

Amber Lin Super Leggy Taiwanese dancer

Amber Lin is a leggy girl from Taiwan, she works primarily as a promotional model and dancer at various event, exhibitions and motor races. Amber Lin is also part of the dance group "Single Lady", and hopes to start a career in the entertainment industry.

Lan Chang Angelic Taiwanese “Goddess” fair skinned model

Lan Chang is a beautiful model from Taiwan with angelic features and fair skin. Lan Chang was signed by EeLin Entertainment (EeLin Models) in 2010, she has been appeared in many magazines, fashion shows and variety tv shows, she has since also started appearing TV dramas.

Candy Seul 캔디슬 Stunning Korean model with extremely curvaceous figure

Candy Seul 캔디슬 is a South Korean model, with an anime-like figure that is extremely curvaceous, she's also a BJ (broadcast jockey) on afreecaTV and is very popular online. She already has more than 1.3 million followers on Instagram with fans all over the globe.
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