Twitch Streamer

Kofan Super adorable streamer with a smile that melts your heart

Kofan is a popular streamer game streamer and cosplay from Taiwan, she first got into the game streaming due to Overwatch, she was extremely into it and bought her first computer in order to play it, she later on was able to participate in an Overwatch event cosplaying as Tracer!

Yuyu Xu stunning ex Flash Wolves cutie with a smile you can’t resist

Yuyu Xu is a stunningly beautiful girl from Taiwan, she was a former member of the League of Legends Flash Wolves girls team, she primarily played "Jungle". Yuyu Xu also streams many of her games and is quite active on social media.

“Xiao Yun Bao Bao” Stunning ex-pro League of Legends player

It used to be hard to imagine someone like "Xiao Yun Bao Bao" to be into gaming, let alone be a professional player. Her real name is Baby Tse, and is from Hong Kong, she moved to Taiwan due to her love for League of Legends and became part of "AHQ e-Sports Club" as a member of the all girl group "AHQ Girls", all the members are diamond tiered.


Irene Yu Beautiful Taiwanese Promotional Model with angelic features

Irene Yu is a beautiful Taiwanese model and promotional model, she has worked in many events and exhibitions, a video of her testing the water resistantness of the iPhone in a bathtub went viral and she gained many mainstream media attention. Irene Yu had also been an assistant on a cooking TV show.

Mina Chang sweet Taiwanese IG “Yui Aragaki”

Mina Chang is a beautiful and popular Instagram model from Taiwan, she has lovely facial features, a sweet smiles and adorable eyes. She rose to internet stardom when her colleague posted her photos to the Taiwanese social platform "PTT", many netizens mentioned that Mina Chang reminds of them of Japanese actress "Yui Aragaki", what do you think?

KZi Stunning IG Fan Page editor

KZi is an IG Model Fan Page editor from Taiwan, who just happens to be quite a stunner herself. She also part times as an amateur model, you can see many photos from shoots on her Instagram page, let's check it out~

Mina 민아 Stunning Thai cutie taking over Korea

Mina 민아 is a stunning Thai girl with attractive features and a curvaceous figure, she's currently living in Korea and frequently posts to Instagram, and have gained many loyal followers that always like and share her posts:"So pretty😍😍😍"、"Cutiepie😍👏😊"、"Beautiful woman just right perfect🔥👌❤️.👍."

찡 Jjing Sweet Korean IG model with a perky smile

찡 Jjing is a sweet Korean girl, she's blessed with big starry eyes and a perky smile, she's quite popular on Instagram and shares many of her travelling and day-to-day photos with many loving fans: "あなたはいつもかわいくて美しい 😘"、"Your hair is absolutely beautiful, gorgeous angel💖"、"이쁘세요😍".



鄉民們暗地熱議,有一位幾近「零瑕疵」長腿神秘美女 Eloise 是誰?近日在IG社群平台PO出多組照,看似與女性友人一同參加美國加州為期三天,年度大型音樂節「科切拉音樂節」(Coachella Festival),只見她不時貼出多張「神正」照,臉蛋與身材堪稱極品,尤其纖細小蠻腰和不科學長腿與美胸,穿搭波希米亞風格性感款式,在國外也能輕鬆駕馭。

妮妮 Niniko 遊戲實況主播超甜美

今天介紹的是網路人氣美女 妮妮 Niniko ,原為實況素人的妮妮,目前已簽於有魔競娛樂,著甜美可愛的外表加上健談開朗的個性、幽默搞笑的實況風格使她與粉絲、觀眾都能有熱烈的互動,曾為知名遊戲特約實況主以及代言出席手機app現場活動。

王緒緒 Anna 征服大陸網友的台藝大甜美系花

什麼樣的女生會讓你「第一眼就有戀愛的感覺」?就讀台灣藝術大學廣電系的系花 王緒緒 就讓大陸網友說出了這句話, 王緒緒 Anna 曾經多次上 PTT 表特版和許多網路論壇,同時大陸網友也注意到 王緒緒 清新脫俗的長相和甜美可人的笑容,而發文在大陸的論壇網站,結果引起廣大迴響,好身材更讓大陸網友稱她為「台版波多野結衣」,該文在短短兩星期內已經有超過 55 萬人次點閱,而且一面倒都是好的評論。

Must read

Candy Seul 캔디슬 Stunning Korean model with extremely curvaceous figure

Candy Seul 캔디슬 is a South Korean model, with an anime-like figure that is extremely curvaceous, she's also a BJ (broadcast jockey) on afreecaTV and is very popular online. She already has more than 1.3 million followers on Instagram with fans all over the globe.

Yuki Ethereal Taiwanese cutie that looks good in anything

Yuki is a beautiful girl from Taiwan with ethereal features, fair skins and slim figure, with her keen dress sense, she looks good in anything that she puts on. Many of the photos she uploads feel almost as if they're taken straight from a movie or idol dramas.

Duebass beautiful Chinese model that resembles Yui Aragaki

Duebass is a beautiful Chinese girl, she appears to be studying in Hong Kong, even though she's quite young, she already have many modelling experiences and portfolios. Some netizens thinks she resembles Japanese actress Yui Aragaki.

JingEn angelic Malaysian IG model that’s just perfect

JingEn is Malaysian IG model, she's blessed with angelic features with a beautiful smile that can melt your heart, even though she has a really slim figure, she still has the right assets where it matters, she is simply perfect and beautiful as many of her followers have commented:"Beautiful ❤️","Hello beautiful", "perfect!"

Gogwilim 고귀림 Super sweet Korean IG Model makes you feel like you’re in K-drama

Gogwilim 고귀림 is a sweet girl from South Korea, she has large eyes, sweet smile, swiping through her IG photos, you feel like you're almost in the settings of a K-drama with the various scenes and her outfits. Many of her followers often share and comments on her posts: "You are so beautiful 😘"、"사랑합니다❤️❤️"、"My very princess very love you ❤️❤️😍".
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