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Yurisa 박선혜 Super adorable Korean real life Snow White

Yurisa is a model and cosplayer from Korea, she has amazingly adorable anime like features, with the appropriate costumes, she can make any anime or cartoon characters such as Snow White, Platelet come to life.

Dora Chou Super sweet Taiwanese model

Dora Chou is a model from Taiwan, she has a lovely smile and innocent looks, she started off as an amateur model, and have since became a professional and promotional model. Dora Chou has worked at many events and exhibitions, and have recently started streaming on 17, be sure to say Hello to her!


Chen Yingzhen “Best Looking Bride”?!

Chen Yingzhen is a stunning girl from the city of Kaohsiung in Taiwan, she also possesses a luscious figure, and often posts her day to day photos on Facebook. Chen Yingzhen recently put on a wedding dress, and looked stunning!

FAHFAH Beautiful Thai Model with a stunning figure

FAHFAH is a mode from Thailand, with stunning features and a figure to match! FAHFAH is very active on Instagram, she frequently shares photos of her work and daily life, and has attracted many loyal and passionate fans: "My fahfah 😍"、"Che bel fighino CHE sei bella e sexy 💓💓💓"、"Extra beautiful"

mia Stunning young Taiwanese IG model starts her own Whisky company

mia is a young IG model from Taiwan, she has a luscious figure as you can see from her IG posts, mia also frequently streams on 17 to interact with her fans. Most recently, mia actually started a venture with her friends selling Whisky.

Angela Chong Anqi Stunning Model with doe-eyes that you can’t resist

Angela Chong Anqi is a model from Malaysian, she has sweet features, fair skin and stunning figure, she frequently shares her selfies and work photos online, her innocent doe-eyes are just so adorable and irresistible.

찡 Jjing Sweet Korean IG model with a perky smile

찡 Jjing is a sweet Korean girl, she's blessed with big starry eyes and a perky smile, she's quite popular on Instagram and shares many of her travelling and day-to-day photos with many loving fans: "あなたはいつもかわいくて美しい 😘"、"Your hair is absolutely beautiful, gorgeous angel💖"、"이쁘세요😍".


張香香 當年超夯網路正妹 長大了越來越漂亮了~

有著「奶溝正妹」稱號的網路正妹 張香香 ,學生時期因曾是桃園某間飲料店店花而爆紅,擁有漂亮立體的五官、姣好的身材,年紀輕輕的她人氣已相當高,年僅21歲的她,如今也越來越來漂亮了,粉絲頁擁有24萬粉絲,個人帳號也有超過55萬追蹤者,因此也受邀擔任許多廠商的模特兒和代言人.

Mandy LinZhen 空靈系正妹 甜美笑容讓人都戀愛了

來自中國的正妹 Mandy LinZhen 擁有空靈系氣息,時常分享出遊及工作美照,翻遍她的IG相簿,甜美笑容讓許多網友都戀愛了,人氣相當高:「So beautiful❤️🔥」、「好可爱😽😽😽」、「怎麼可以這麼好看😭」

Lena Lin 人氣爆高美髮界的宅男女神

今天要介紹的正妹 Lena Lin 是位美髮設計師,擁有瓜子臉和亮眼外表的她人氣非常高,有人覺得她長的很像日本­女神藤井莉娜,很多人把她當成夢中情人,千里迢迢也要來讓她剪頭髮,目前在三重的 擔任設計師

鴨鴨 Valerie 水汪汪的大眼甜美展場SG

今天要介紹的正妹是鴨鴨 Valerie,目前還是學生的她平常利用課餘時兼差擔任展場showgirl,除此之外鴨鴨 Valerie平時的興趣是聽音樂和玩《英雄聯盟》,最滿意的是自己水汪汪的大眼睛。而鴨鴨也常常在臉書粉絲團上分享自己的美照,目前粉絲團人數已經累積到4萬多人了

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Joanne Tan Sweet Malaysia IG Model that’s just so adorable

Joanne Tan is a sweet IG model from Malaysia, she has such adorable and innocent features and a slim figure, it's the perfect combination! Many of her followers always like and comment on her posts:"so beautiful"、"哈哈美女呢❤️❤️"、"Oii so hott🔥🔥"

Christina Tzeng from Catalog model to Pop idol

Christina Tzeng is a member of the Taiwanese girl group "Twinko", she started her career as a catalog model, working primarily in Japanese style boutiques due to her resemblance to Japanese style models. Christina Tzeng has also been featured in many magazines as well.

Mina Chang sweet Taiwanese IG “Yui Aragaki”

Mina Chang is a beautiful and popular Instagram model from Taiwan, she has lovely facial features, a sweet smiles and adorable eyes. She rose to internet stardom when her colleague posted her photos to the Taiwanese social platform "PTT", many netizens mentioned that Mina Chang reminds of them of Japanese actress "Yui Aragaki", what do you think?

Ryoko Hirosue “The Last Beautiful Girl of the 20th Century”

Ryoko Hirosue is a popular actress and also former pop singer. Ryoko Hirosue was extremely popular in the 90s not only in Japan, but in Asia in general, she was given the title of "The Last Beautiful Girl of the 20th Century". A previously unreleased casting photo of her when she was still in High School has surfaced, and garnered the attention of many Netizens!

Nina Tam beautiful HK model straming directly near you

Nina Tam is a beautiful girl from Hong Kong, she's blessed with large eyes, stunning features and a luscious figure to match! Nina Tam primarily works as a model and promotional model, she has recently joined an E-sports company "MTGamer", and have playing games and streaming live~
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