Saki Ogata

Saki Ogata beautiful Japanese model that loves golf

Saki Ogata is one of the popular model from Japan, she has beautiful features, stunning figure and a pair of long legs. She has a large following on Instagram with over 350k followers.


lloveeely Stunning Korean IG Model with curvaceous figure

Many Korean girls have stunning features and curvaceous figure, "lloveeely" is such an example, she's extremely popular on Instagram, with more than 400K followers, and many of them often like and share her posts:"여신이 따루넙떠...💓"、"😍😍超~綺麗❤😚😚😚😚❤️"、"Beautiful 😍", let's check out her lovely photos.

Puimek (Napasorn Weerayuttvilai) beautiful Thai actress that’s also extremely clever

Puimek (Napasorn Weerayuttvilai) is a Thai actress, Puimek began in entertainment industry shooting acting on MVs. But was in 2017 when she debuted as an television actress in the series "U-Prince: The Badly Politics" as one of the main characters, Princess Karin. Since then, she is an artist under GMMTV and has been working constantly in a pile of projects.

Vivian Hsieh beautiful Taiwan IG model

Vivian Hsieh is a beautiful IG Model from Taiwan, she moved to Canada when she was young and have since moved back to Taiwan. Vivian Hsieh has an extremely large following online, with over 3 million IG followers at the moment, and have worked with many brands for promotions.

mandies kwok Super adorable HK YouTuber that’s just too cute

mandies kwok is a YouTuber from Hong Kong, she's very adorable and is often mistaken as Japanese due to her looks. mandies kwok is very interested in Japan and travels there often as you can often see from her social posts and YouTube videos, let's check it out together.

Keppel Fair skinned luscious Taiwanese model

Keppel is a girl from Taiwan, primarily working as a model, sliding through her Instagram account, you can see many of photo shoots totally showing off her curvaceous and luscious assets, which you can't take your eyes off of, and many of her fans agree: "Delicious beautiful woman beautiful"


陳慈瑜 Crystal 伊林清新模特兒正妹

陳慈瑜 Crystal 前年9月參加伊林第1屆璀璨之星後正式入行,去年10月在大陸拿下瑞麗模特兒大賽第3名,跨戲劇、綜藝多角發展。過往她盡力參加選秀,這次在時尚潛力偶像票選要向親友拉票,常覺得不好意思,「我想讓大家認同才支持,而不是被我逼迫。」

陳靜婷 好有靈氣的麥當勞姐姐 網友楸團來朝聖

今天為大家介紹另一位麥當勞正妹 陳靜婷,擁有一雙充滿靈性的眼睛和陽光般的燦爛笑容,已經連續被網友PO上PTT表特版,讓網友看完大喊「哪家麥當勞?朝聖啦!」。陳靜婷 除了五官細緻,身材也一流,除了有制服照、外出照,其他網友看到後回「蠻正的啊!我可以為了他吃麥當勞」、「眼神超迷人」、「哪一家?不遠的話每天去」、「真的很正,娶回家真棒」、「神美」。

熊鼻橦 新網路女神 超正的大眼白皙正妹

基隆出生、台中長大,在台北工作的 熊鼻橦 ,生活圈幾乎涵蓋半個台灣。一雙大眼睛加上甜美笑容,神似藝人陳意涵的外型,非常勤於耕耘臉書,經常PO照、分享文章,或與朋友互動聊天,此外她還喜歡寵動物,自己有養一隻柯基,整個氣勢儼然就是新一代的台灣女神個人臉書已經超過2萬人追蹤


這是冰沙我以為是優格碗~ 立刻被香氏糾察隊沒收了? 上星期買椰子放在客廳桌上, 去了一下廚房回來發現 空 了, 這兩天肚子痛被碎念 看妳還敢不敢喝 ?

Must read

Seo Hyebin Korean model spitting image of “Jun Ji-hyun”

Seo Hyebin is a beautiful girl from Korea, she has stunning features, electrifying eyes and a slim figure, she's currently work as an online catalog model and often shares her work and personal photos on Instagram. Many of her fans think she's a spitting image of the famous Korean actress "Jun Ji-hyun", do you agree? Check out her photos and decide for yourselves!

Irene Yu Beautiful Taiwanese Promotional Model with angelic features

Irene Yu is a beautiful Taiwanese model and promotional model, she has worked in many events and exhibitions, a video of her testing the water resistantness of the iPhone in a bathtub went viral and she gained many mainstream media attention. Irene Yu had also been an assistant on a cooking TV show.

mia Stunning young Taiwanese IG model starts her own Whisky company

mia is a young IG model from Taiwan, she has a luscious figure as you can see from her IG posts, mia also frequently streams on 17 to interact with her fans. Most recently, mia actually started a venture with her friends selling Whisky.

yimengling beautiful bubbly Chinese model

yimengling is a beautiful model from China, sliding through her photos, we can see that she is really bubbly and lively and really confident in herself. yimengling's slim and leggy figure makes her a perfect model and many of her fans obviously thinks so too:"你穿这帆布鞋也太好看了吧"、"Beautiful as usual"、"好漂亮呀❤️"、"美翻😍"

Reina Lu Stunning Shanghainese office clerk

Reina Lu is a beautiful girl from Shanghai, she usually works as clerk, but also works occasionally as model and promotional model, she also appeared on the Chinese match making TV show "Who Can Search in the Crowd" as a contestant.
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