Mon Super popular Taiwanese Cosplayer that’s just so adorable

Mon is an adorable cosplayer from Taiwan, she has large eyes and sweet smile even without the cosplay makeups. Monk first got into cosplaying in 2008, and since then she has attended many cosplay events in different countries both as participants and judges. Mon also makes many of her own cosplay costumes.


Mini Yu Stunning Chinese “Boa Hancock”

Mini Yu is a famouse Chinese model, she primarily does fashion shoots and exhibition events, she's blessed with big, deep eyes, a curvaceous figure, long and slim legs. One of her most iconic moments was when she dressed up as Boa Hancock from One Piece at a comic convention.

Olivia Zhu Beautiful Chinese singing streamer

Olivia Zhu is a beautiful Chinese streamer and singer, she was born in Guan Xi province, she was initially a model and started streaming on BoBo, she was also a contestant on season 4 of "Sing! China".

Seo Hyebin Korean model spitting image of “Jun Ji-hyun”

Seo Hyebin is a beautiful girl from Korea, she has stunning features, electrifying eyes and a slim figure, she's currently work as an online catalog model and often shares her work and personal photos on Instagram. Many of her fans think she's a spitting image of the famous Korean actress "Jun Ji-hyun", do you agree? Check out her photos and decide for yourselves!

KZi Stunning IG Fan Page editor

KZi is an IG Model Fan Page editor from Taiwan, who just happens to be quite a stunner herself. She also part times as an amateur model, you can see many photos from shoots on her Instagram page, let's check it out~

Minami Aizawa super adorable in her day-to-day life

Minami Aizawa is a Japanese AV star, she's currently exclusively contracted by "IdeaPocket", she was born in Hong Kong, and also lived in LA for 7 years, so she's quite fluent in English, her hobbies include jogging and baking.


松崎優 性感電眼SG 水蛇腰好吸睛

本名 謝令鈺 的 松崎優 目前從事模特兒、Dancer的工作,喜愛跳舞的他,曾是2013年WBC中華隊啦啦隊的一員,令她留下深刻印象。靠著跳舞不但跳出纖細的水蛇腰,也擁有一身健康的膚色。 松崎優 認為自己最漂亮的部分是充滿電力的眼睛,對於自己瘦卻有料的好身材,也感到非常滿意。時常在臉書PO出性感照與粉絲分享。

ShiQi Stunning and funny DouYin girl

ShiQi is a stunning girl from ShenZhen, China, she's quite active on DouYin, and uploads many funny and sometimes sexy videos of herself. ShiQi also frequently shares her pictures on Instagram.

當年無名女神 「無濾鏡」自然美被網友推爆


欣潔CJ 擁有修長美腿的清純正妹

正妹SG 欣潔CJ 因為凹凸有致的身材與清純的臉蛋,讓她的人氣也越來越旺,擁有172公分身高的 欣潔CJ ,更因為有著一雙修長勻稱的美腿,出現在展場中時常常也是大家的焦點所在,更有網友前往展場拍攝SG時,發現 欣潔 的美腿幾乎是全場中最好看的一位,也稱讚 欣潔 是名符其實的美腿正妹

姚采辰 Ines 天使面孔魔鬼身材「極品」美女 看了令人怦然心跳

甜美正妹 姚采辰 Ines 是網路上相當紅的美女,老家在台南,畢業於實踐大學,目前主要從事模特兒和展場SG的工作;擁有天使面孔,魔鬼身材的她也是各網路正妹論壇的常客,每次分享生活和工作美兆照馬上就能引來大量的網友按讚:頻讚「超正」、「太美!」、「娶到你的真好福氣」、「辰辰最漂亮女生!加油辰辰」、「本人很Nice」、「朋友推,腦袋很好又nice的女孩哇!」,儼然是鄉民心目中的完美女神!

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Aiwei Hero Beautiful IG Model that also sings

Aiwei Hero is a beautiful IG model originally from Malaysia, she now lives in Taiwan. Aiwei Hero has beautiful facial features and an even more stunning figure that you can't turn away from.

Joanna Weng super leggy Taiwanese race queen

Joanna Weng is a leggy race queen from Taiwan, she can be frequently found at various auto exhibitions or motor races in Taiwan, such as at the Dapeng Bay International Circuit, she also owns a pink Audi R8. Joanna Weng has also started appearing on various variety shows in Taiwan, and have gained main stream popularity.

Ann Lu Stunning Taiwanese fashion model with the perfect figure

Ann Lu was a famous fashion catalog model from Taiwan, she has been extremely popular online due to her innocent facial features and perfect figure, and has accumulated many followers. She has appeared on the famous match making TV show "Fei Chang Wan Mei" in China.

Ryoko Hirosue “The Last Beautiful Girl of the 20th Century”

Ryoko Hirosue is a popular actress and also former pop singer. Ryoko Hirosue was extremely popular in the 90s not only in Japan, but in Asia in general, she was given the title of "The Last Beautiful Girl of the 20th Century". A previously unreleased casting photo of her when she was still in High School has surfaced, and garnered the attention of many Netizens!

yimengling beautiful bubbly Chinese model

yimengling is a beautiful model from China, sliding through her photos, we can see that she is really bubbly and lively and really confident in herself. yimengling's slim and leggy figure makes her a perfect model and many of her fans obviously thinks so too:"你穿这帆布鞋也太好看了吧"、"Beautiful as usual"、"好漂亮呀❤️"、"美翻😍"
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