Lilian Kan

Lilian Kan beautiful HK fashion designer

Lilian Kan is a fashion designer from Hong Kong, graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Fashion and Textile. She's quite popular on Instagram and has established her own women’s couture brand, Kanalili in 2014.


Yumi Lin Slim & Leggy Weather Girls cutie

Yumi Lin is a member of the Taiwanese girl group "Weather Girls", she was also signed by EeLin Entertainment previously as a model, and has appeared in many magazines and commercials.

Aiwei Hero Beautiful IG Model that also sings

Aiwei Hero is a beautiful IG model originally from Malaysia, she now lives in Taiwan. Aiwei Hero has beautiful facial features and an even more stunning figure that you can't turn away from.

Han Jina 한지나 Stunning Maxim model that shines like an Angel

Han Jina 한지나 is a Korean model, she has an extremely curvaceous figure, and has been featured in many known magazines such as Maxim. You can find many of her personal daily and work photos scrolling through her Instagram, and her followers often comment on them: "😋Nice legs😋😋 😘😘So pretty😘😘"、"Beauty is shining like a angel"、"상큼하네^^"

Candy Seul 캔디슬 Stunning Korean model with extremely curvaceous figure

Candy Seul 캔디슬 is a South Korean model, with an anime-like figure that is extremely curvaceous, she's also a BJ (broadcast jockey) on afreecaTV and is very popular online. She already has more than 1.3 million followers on Instagram with fans all over the globe.

Reina Lu Stunning Shanghainese office clerk

Reina Lu is a beautiful girl from Shanghai, she usually works as clerk, but also works occasionally as model and promotional model, she also appeared on the Chinese match making TV show "Who Can Search in the Crowd" as a contestant.


宋妍柔 超正的電眼小蠻腰正妹

今天要介紹的正妹是 宋妍柔,擁有姣好外貌,一雙電眼,還有苗條身材和許多女孩子都夢寐以求的小蠻腰和纖瘦長腿;讀書期間在史伯特美式餐廳酒吧打過工,小編相信很多客人一定是慕名而想去看看 宋妍柔 的廬山真面目吧,時常在臉書上分享照片的她目前已經有超過2萬五千粉絲追蹤了

다빈 DAVIN 韩国美女逆天长腿好吸睛

다빈DAVIN 是一位韩国美女,外表亮眼、身材姣好的DAVIN主要从事模特儿工作,前凸后翘的DAVIN拥有一双逆天长腿,时常在IG上分享美照,人气相当高:「 Perfect!」、「You're so sweet as always, baby.❤️」、「Beautifull. . . . Love you 😍」

Dears 超甜國民美少女代言完公主夢

Dears 是阿爾發音樂旗下的台灣女子團體,2014年由 簡廷芮 (Dewi)和 安婕希(小安)組成正式出道,團名「Dears」開頭D取自 Dewi 和 小安 (Dabe)兩人的英文名字開頭,而中間的「ear」則有耳朵、傾聽之意,字尾「s」則代表她們是兩個人所組成。首張同名寫真EP《Dears》於2014年8月16日正式發行,在舉行發片簽唱會時更使現場擠滿了近千名的紛絲前往,差點擠爆了現場,更讓人見識到國民美少女的威力。第二張寫真EP《Say Yes》於2016年1月22日發行。

Must read

Beth Lookgade “Face of the Millennium” Stunning Thai model

Beth Lookgade is a stunning model from Thailand, not only does she have delicate features, she has a gorgeous, stunning figure that you just can't take your eyes off of. Beth Lookgade primarily works as a model and promotional model, and she frequently shares many of her work and selfies online, she even got the title of "Face of the Millennium" from netizens.

Yuyu Xu stunning ex Flash Wolves cutie with a smile you can’t resist

Yuyu Xu is a stunningly beautiful girl from Taiwan, she was a former member of the League of Legends Flash Wolves girls team, she primarily played "Jungle". Yuyu Xu also streams many of her games and is quite active on social media.

Miso Chang Stunning leggy Goddess model

Miso Chang (Xia Qing) is a beautiful model originally from Singapore, she is now based and has lived in Taiwan for more than 10 years, she's blessed with a pair of long and slim legs that are 109 cm long.

Xu Jiaqi (Kiki) Stunning fashion icon of Chinese idol group “SNH48”

Xu Jiaqi (Kiki)is a Chinese singer, rapper, dancer and actress. She is a member of Team SII of female idol group SNH48, as well as its sub-units Style-7 and 7Senses. She is also known for her role in the television series Legend of Yunxi.

Choi Seul Ki (Angel) Stunning Korean race queen that you can’t resist

Choi Seul Ki is a beautiful Korean model and race queen, she frequently appears at many exhibitions and motor events and always attract a large crowd. Choi Seul Ki also streams on afreecaTV where she dances and interacts with her fans, be sure to check it out if you want to get to know her more!
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