Lala Su

Lala Su Stunning Taiwanese Promotional Model with a curvaceous figure

Lala Su is a promotional model and dancer from Taiwan, she gained mainstream popularity when she started appearing on the Taiwanese Variety Show "The Gang of Kuo Kuan" as one of the regular assistants. Lala Su has since started attending in other variety tv shows guests.


Chen Yingzhen “Best Looking Bride”?!

Chen Yingzhen is a stunning girl from the city of Kaohsiung in Taiwan, she also possesses a luscious figure, and often posts her day to day photos on Facebook. Chen Yingzhen recently put on a wedding dress, and looked stunning!

Mumu Hsia Super adorable Chinese model you just can’t resist

Mumu Hsia studied at University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, she started modelling while she was still studying, her slim waistline was one of the reasons that she caught everyone's attention. She also attended ChinaJoy exhibition for 2 years.

ili Cheng amateur model turned TV personality

ili Cheng is a Taiwanese model and TV personality, she started her career as an amateur model, and gained mainstream popularity when she was promoting a chicken fillet stall due to her appealing looks and stunning figure, she also gained the nickname "Chicken Fillet Girl" at that time.

Yvonne Keng fair skinned Malaysian IG model

Yvonne Keng is a beautiful Malaysian Instagram model, she has fair skin, exquisite features and stunning figure. Yvonne Keng frequently posts to her Instagram profiles and currently has about 70k loyal follower, let's check out her beautiful photos.


蔡語芯 (蔡雱婷) 泡泡 好有氣質優雅正妹麻豆

蔡雱婷 (蔡語芯) 暱稱 泡泡 ,看到她的人第一眼印象都是又有氣質又高雅,加上近170公分的身高真的可以說是SG界的志玲姊姊也不為過,先前在資訊展上她為廠商acer攤位站台,高雅出眾的氣質就讓ptt網友在表特版馬上推薦一定要去看她. 蔡雱婷 同時也擔任過許多網拍麻豆~

Queenie Tan starry eyed Malaysian IG model

Queenie Tan is a beautiful IG model from Malaysia, she has big starry eyes and a stunning figure, she's quite active on Instagram and Facebook, she also lives streams and is on TikTok.

可青 (Christina) 網拍13姬 變 Twinko 歌手

因為網路賣家在無名留言是否有興趣參加網拍,可青 因此從2009年開始踏入網拍的工作。網拍麻豆出道的她,因精緻漂亮的五官,成為各大平面雜誌彩妝編輯的最愛御用麻豆。出道不到兩年時間,就已經多次榮登國內知名少女雜誌封面人物,也是多家專櫃品牌的代言人,更被 Yahoo奇摩 封為 網拍13姬其中一員。

吳綵冞 Minana 超正展場甜心 又萌又性感

正妹 吳綵冞 Minana 擁有甜美笑容和玲瓏有緻的好身材,目前主要從事模特兒、展場SG和dancer工作,甜美的臉蛋加上S曲線好身材讓她不管是可愛或性感造型都相當吸睛,每次出現在展覽或外拍活動時都讓大家的相機對著她拍個不停,完全是大家心中的展場甜心,讓我們快看看 吳綵冞 Minana 的美照吧~

Must read

Nina Tam beautiful HK model straming directly near you

Nina Tam is a beautiful girl from Hong Kong, she's blessed with large eyes, stunning features and a luscious figure to match! Nina Tam primarily works as a model and promotional model, she has recently joined an E-sports company "MTGamer", and have playing games and streaming live~

Vivian Hsieh beautiful Taiwan IG model

Vivian Hsieh is a beautiful IG Model from Taiwan, she moved to Canada when she was young and have since moved back to Taiwan. Vivian Hsieh has an extremely large following online, with over 3 million IG followers at the moment, and have worked with many brands for promotions.

Olivia Zhu Beautiful Chinese singing streamer

Olivia Zhu is a beautiful Chinese streamer and singer, she was born in Guan Xi province, she was initially a model and started streaming on BoBo, she was also a contestant on season 4 of "Sing! China".

Christina Tzeng from Catalog model to Pop idol

Christina Tzeng is a member of the Taiwanese girl group "Twinko", she started her career as a catalog model, working primarily in Japanese style boutiques due to her resemblance to Japanese style models. Christina Tzeng has also been featured in many magazines as well.

Beth Lookgade “Face of the Millennium” Stunning Thai model

Beth Lookgade is a stunning model from Thailand, not only does she have delicate features, she has a gorgeous, stunning figure that you just can't take your eyes off of. Beth Lookgade primarily works as a model and promotional model, and she frequently shares many of her work and selfies online, she even got the title of "Face of the Millennium" from netizens.
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