Ryoko Hirosue “The Last Beautiful Girl of the 20th Century”

Ryoko Hirosue is a popular actress and also former pop singer. Ryoko Hirosue was extremely popular in the 90s not only in Japan, but in Asia in general, she was given the title of "The Last Beautiful Girl of the 20th Century". A previously unreleased casting photo of her when she was still in High School has surfaced, and garnered the attention of many Netizens!


Lala Su Stunning Taiwanese Promotional Model with a curvaceous figure

Lala Su is a promotional model and dancer from Taiwan, she gained mainstream popularity when she started appearing on the Taiwanese Variety Show "The Gang of Kuo Kuan" as one of the regular assistants. Lala Su has since started attending in other variety tv shows guests.

Chang Mei beautiful leggy Taiwanese model

"Chang Mei" is a beautiful model from Taiwan, she has a stunning figure with a pair of legs that's especially eye catching. "Chang Mei" frequently posts to her Instagram, and has accumulated many followers.

Jenny Cheng Elegant doe-eyed Taiwanese model

Jenny Cheng is a Taiwanese model that was previously signed under Catwalk Production House, she migrated with her family to Australia with she was 14, and has worked in the local radio stations. She moved back to Taiwan in 2007 and competed in Catwalk Production House model competition and was signed afterwards.

Feiya Curvaceous Taiwanese race queen that you can’t take your eyes off of

Feiya is a promotional model and race queen from Taiwan, she can be frequently found at many exhibitions and motor races. Feiya was invited to attend a Taiwanese variety in which she demonstrated the different poses she usually goes through at the events, which certainly caught everyone's attention!

華咲 かのん Adorable doe-eyed Japanese girl

華咲 かのん is an adorable doe-eyed girl from Hokkaido, Japan, she has sweet features, big starry eyes, and a stunning figure. 華咲 かのん's favorite foods are Sushi, Shabu shabu and cheese, she often shares selfles and work photos to Instagram, gaining many followers:"可愛いい~♥️"、「Stunning"、"So very pretty ♥️"


Tiffany Chang 愛美的甜美正妹教你如何變更美喔

愛美的 Tiffany Chang 是一名來自台中的正妹,擁有深邃的大眼和姣好的身材,時常在網路上上分享生活照和保養的小撇步和推薦美容商品,目前也已經擁有聚集了大批的粉絲,IG上已經有8萬多人追蹤了喔~,愛美的女孩們也快去follow她吧

Hui Sun Pang 珊珊 大馬人氣網紅 不僅甜美還會唱歌

馬來西亞美女果真不少,今天小編再為大家帶來這位來自新山的正妹 Hui Sun Pang 珊珊 ,臉蛋甜美,身材玲瓏有緻,目前兼差擔任外拍模特兒,網路上人氣相當高,也時常受邀參加當地各種活動~ 而且還會唱歌呢!

Josephy 姍姍 大馬人妻 S曲線魔鬼身材 白皙又火辣

來自馬來西亞吉隆坡的美女 Josephy 姍姍,不僅是一位人妻,還是一位育有一子的媽媽呦,但是不管從臉蛋還是身材,可都完全看不出來呢!Josephy 姍姍 時常分享福利美照,愛曬白皙渾圓事業線以S曲線魔鬼身材,常常讓人羨慕她的老公,一定很幸福美滿呢~

Must read

“Xiao Yun Bao Bao” Stunning ex-pro League of Legends player

It used to be hard to imagine someone like "Xiao Yun Bao Bao" to be into gaming, let alone be a professional player. Her real name is Baby Tse, and is from Hong Kong, she moved to Taiwan due to her love for League of Legends and became part of "AHQ e-Sports Club" as a member of the all girl group "AHQ Girls", all the members are diamond tiered.

Joey Sze Beautiful Hong Kong Jewelry Designer

Joey Sze is a beautiful jewelry designer from Hong Kong, she's blessed with elegant features, a slim figure and a pair of fair and leggy legs. Joey Sze frequently shares her photos on Instagram, and is quite popular, with many followers that show their affection: "You are so sexy ❤️", "Cute💓", "Hey Gorgeous!"

Olivia Zhu Beautiful Chinese singing streamer

Olivia Zhu is a beautiful Chinese streamer and singer, she was born in Guan Xi province, she was initially a model and started streaming on BoBo, she was also a contestant on season 4 of "Sing! China".

Xu Jiaqi (Kiki) Stunning fashion icon of Chinese idol group “SNH48”

Xu Jiaqi (Kiki)is a Chinese singer, rapper, dancer and actress. She is a member of Team SII of female idol group SNH48, as well as its sub-units Style-7 and 7Senses. She is also known for her role in the television series Legend of Yunxi.

Irene Yu Beautiful Taiwanese Promotional Model with angelic features

Irene Yu is a beautiful Taiwanese model and promotional model, she has worked in many events and exhibitions, a video of her testing the water resistantness of the iPhone in a bathtub went viral and she gained many mainstream media attention. Irene Yu had also been an assistant on a cooking TV show.
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