Joanne Tan

Joanne Tan Sweet Malaysia IG Model that’s just so adorable

Joanne Tan is a sweet IG model from Malaysia, she has such adorable and innocent features and a slim figure, it's the perfect combination! Many of her followers always like and comment on her posts:"so beautiful"、"哈哈美女呢❤️❤️"、"Oii so hott🔥🔥"


Kanoktip Tummanon Beautiful Thai Playboy model

Kanoktip Tummanon is a beautiful model from Thailand, she's blessed with stunning features and a luscious figure, she had been a Playboy model previously, and is quite popular online with over 600,000 IG followers!

Mina 민아 Stunning Thai cutie taking over Korea

Mina 민아 is a stunning Thai girl with attractive features and a curvaceous figure, she's currently living in Korea and frequently posts to Instagram, and have gained many loyal followers that always like and share her posts:"So pretty😍😍😍"、"Cutiepie😍👏😊"、"Beautiful woman just right perfect🔥👌❤️.👍."

Natasha Chang Alluring Taiwanese IG model receiving proposals from fans

Natasha Chang is an attractive and alluring girl from Taiwan, like many people today, she frequently shares her photos on social media and have accumulated more than 137K followers. Natasha Chang has even received proposals from one of her fans!

華咲 かのん Adorable doe-eyed Japanese girl

華咲 かのん is an adorable doe-eyed girl from Hokkaido, Japan, she has sweet features, big starry eyes, and a stunning figure. 華咲 かのん's favorite foods are Sushi, Shabu shabu and cheese, she often shares selfles and work photos to Instagram, gaining many followers:"可愛いい~♥️"、「Stunning"、"So very pretty ♥️"

Zoe So Stunning HK model that’s also a tattoo artist

Zoe So is a stunning girl from Hong Kong, with her beautiful features and stunning figure, she frequently works as a model and promotional model. However, Zoe So also has another job working as a tattoo artist, although she is still just an apprentice, she already has many customers lining up for her services!


我們努力不是為了讓世界看見。 而是為了看見整個世界

看到一句很喜歡的話想跟大家分享: 「我們努力,不是為了讓世界看見。 而是為了,看見整個世界。」 . 我們苡起努力成為有能力的人,讓自己往目標一步一步前進 ?

CACA 卡卡兒 清新又性感的大眼「鄰家女孩」讓網友都戀愛了

美女模特兒 CACA 卡卡兒 擁有清新臉蛋、令人著迷的水汪汪大眼睛和媲美偶像藝人的精緻臉蛋,加上纖細高佻的好身材,是許多網友心中的完美女神, CACA 卡卡兒 與許多正妹不同,不刻意走任一固定路線,拍攝的作品照片風格與造型多樣,有時打扮清新氣質,有時化身為鄰家女孩,更有時會小露性感,化身成壞壞的小女人,靠著多樣化的外貌緊緊抓住粉絲們的心。

Chang Mei beautiful leggy Taiwanese model

"Chang Mei" is a beautiful model from Taiwan, she has a stunning figure with a pair of legs that's especially eye catching. "Chang Mei" frequently posts to her Instagram, and has accumulated many followers.

薛薛 Brindy 好清新的世新大學外拍正妹 原來是勇士迷

本名 黃品瑄 的正妹 薛薛 Brindy 外表亮眼,長相甜美和身材姣好,目前就讀世新大學資訊管理系的她平常利用課餘時間擔任模特兒和展場SG,已經擁有了相當多粉絲;平常喜歡幫助別人和照顧小動物,是個溫暖又善解人意的人呢! 薛薛 Brindy 也還是位NBA球迷呢,這個月還特地去了奧克蘭勇士隊主場看總決賽加油!(沒想到竟然輸了...)

張艾亞 (小白) 脫胎換骨 新世代宅男女神

張艾亞 ,本名 張宇慧 ,前藝名 小白,從《大學生了沒》出道。於2011年接受超過一年多矯正顎骨手術後,在2012年初改名為 張艾亞 復出,兼具可愛性感,並以傲人身材和宅男女神稱號吸引大量粉絲~ 之前推出【搶手貨】寫真EP,描述時間之於愛情所產生變質的關係,一段戀情抽象卻又寫實的過程

Must read

Yuki Ethereal Taiwanese cutie that looks good in anything

Yuki is a beautiful girl from Taiwan with ethereal features, fair skins and slim figure, with her keen dress sense, she looks good in anything that she puts on. Many of the photos she uploads feel almost as if they're taken straight from a movie or idol dramas.

Yurisa 박선혜 Super adorable Korean real life Snow White

Yurisa is a model and cosplayer from Korea, she has amazingly adorable anime like features, with the appropriate costumes, she can make any anime or cartoon characters such as Snow White, Platelet come to life.

Ryoko Hirosue “The Last Beautiful Girl of the 20th Century”

Ryoko Hirosue is a popular actress and also former pop singer. Ryoko Hirosue was extremely popular in the 90s not only in Japan, but in Asia in general, she was given the title of "The Last Beautiful Girl of the 20th Century". A previously unreleased casting photo of her when she was still in High School has surfaced, and garnered the attention of many Netizens!

chongyy Electrifying Malaysian cutie you can’t resist

chongyy is a beautiful Malaysian girl, she has beautiful features, electrifying eyes and a stunning figure, she has gained many followers on Instagram, and also currently streams on Elelive, let's check out her some of stunning pictures.

Vivian Hsieh beautiful Taiwan IG model

Vivian Hsieh is a beautiful IG Model from Taiwan, she moved to Canada when she was young and have since moved back to Taiwan. Vivian Hsieh has an extremely large following online, with over 3 million IG followers at the moment, and have worked with many brands for promotions.
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