Chen Yingzhen

Chen Yingzhen “Best Looking Bride”?!

Chen Yingzhen is a stunning girl from the city of Kaohsiung in Taiwan, she also possesses a luscious figure, and often posts her day to day photos on Facebook. Chen Yingzhen recently put on a wedding dress, and looked stunning!


Joanne Tan Sweet Malaysia IG Model that’s just so adorable

Joanne Tan is a sweet IG model from Malaysia, she has such adorable and innocent features and a slim figure, it's the perfect combination! Many of her followers always like and comment on her posts:"so beautiful"、"哈哈美女呢❤️❤️"、"Oii so hott🔥🔥"

Denka Super adorable Taiwanese cosplayer

Charlotte Chou aka Denka, is a cosplayer and model from Taiwan, she has portrayed many popular anime characters is extremely popular online, and her popularity has landed her opportunities in participating in some TV dramas as well.

Yurisa 박선혜 Super adorable Korean real life Snow White

Yurisa is a model and cosplayer from Korea, she has amazingly adorable anime like features, with the appropriate costumes, she can make any anime or cartoon characters such as Snow White, Platelet come to life.

TienTien Super sweet Malaysian streaming host

TienTien is a sweet Malaysian girl with a slim figure, she frequently shares photos online and now streams on Elelive regularly, TienTien is quite popuular and receives many likes and shares on her posts.

Papoy Waralee Super sweet Thai Model with irresistible figure

Papoy Waralee is a super sweet model from Thailand, she has adorable features and slim figure, she has posted many of photo shoot and daily photos to her Instagram and Facebook accounts, and has gained many followers and fans.


唐明翎 超甜美的大眼「莫莉」正妹

唐明翎 就是在電玩展大獲好評,扮演神魔之塔的莫莉的大眼正妹,擁有甜美臉蛋和姣好身材的唐明翎目前是專職模特兒,近期在許多展場活動都可以看她到的身影,也由於她平易近人的態度讓她的人氣短時間內暴增~

Han Jina 한지나 韩国Maxim模特 这身材!

Han Jina 한지나是位韩国模特,前凸后翘的极品S曲线魔鬼身材相当引人注目,她为许多知名的杂志媒体拍过照,例如:Maxim,翻遍她的IG可以发现许多生活及工作照片,许多都受到粉丝们热烈的回应及破万按赞:「😋Nice legs😋😋 😘😘So pretty😘😘」、「Beauty is shining like a angel」、「상큼하네^^」

贾凯萱 Shannon (佟凯玲) 神似许玮宁的精灵脸孔混血校花

混血校花 贾凯萱 Shannon (目前已取艺名 佟凯玲 Kylie) 曾就读道明外侨学校。她有着有着亮丽的外表和175公分的身高,不仅外形神似昆凌及许玮宁,也相当多才多艺,除了弹了一手好琴、也擅长new jazz性感舞风,还被海硕国际女子网球挑战赛相中,担任广告女主角,更被网友大赞「精灵脸孔,模特儿身材」。

Must read

Kofan Super adorable streamer with a smile that melts your heart

Kofan is a popular streamer game streamer and cosplay from Taiwan, she first got into the game streaming due to Overwatch, she was extremely into it and bought her first computer in order to play it, she later on was able to participate in an Overwatch event cosplaying as Tracer!

Joanna Weng super leggy Taiwanese race queen

Joanna Weng is a leggy race queen from Taiwan, she can be frequently found at various auto exhibitions or motor races in Taiwan, such as at the Dapeng Bay International Circuit, she also owns a pink Audi R8. Joanna Weng has also started appearing on various variety shows in Taiwan, and have gained main stream popularity.

Xu Jiaqi (Kiki) Stunning fashion icon of Chinese idol group “SNH48”

Xu Jiaqi (Kiki)is a Chinese singer, rapper, dancer and actress. She is a member of Team SII of female idol group SNH48, as well as its sub-units Style-7 and 7Senses. She is also known for her role in the television series Legend of Yunxi.

manyo_yoojin “Spooky Witch” Stunning Korean blogger

manyo_yoojin is a blogger/IG Model from Korea, her IG nickname is quite interesting, roughly translated it means "Spooky Witch", however, that could not be further from the truth; manyo_yoojin is actually quite stunning and with a figure that many would envious.

Angela Chong Anqi Stunning Model with doe-eyes that you can’t resist

Angela Chong Anqi is a model from Malaysian, she has sweet features, fair skin and stunning figure, she frequently shares her selfies and work photos online, her innocent doe-eyes are just so adorable and irresistible.
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