Chen Yian


あんちゃん doe-eyed Japanese girl with a smile and figure you can’t resist

あんちゃん is a doe-eyed Japanese girl from Shizuoka, Japan, she has a beautiful smile and a stunning figure that you just can't take your eyes off of. あんちゃん is currently working at 𝐂𝐥𝐮𝐛 𝐃𝐈𝐀𝐍𝐀 as a hostess, she frequently shares her work and personal photos on IG and have gained many loyal followers that like and share many of her posts: "顔好きすぎます🥰"、"魅力的です💓"、"綺麗❗️キャバ姫だね惚れちゃう"、"Will you be my girl?"

Lily Fu Starry-eyed Taiwanese IG Model

Lily Fu is a beautiful girl from Taiwan, with big starry eyes and a stunning figure, she had many years of experience working as a model, and is quite popular on Instagram these days, with nearly 100k of followers.

lloveeely Stunning Korean IG Model with curvaceous figure

Many Korean girls have stunning features and curvaceous figure, "lloveeely" is such an example, she's extremely popular on Instagram, with more than 400K followers, and many of them often like and share her posts:"여신이 따루넙떠...💓"、"😍😍超~綺麗❤😚😚😚😚❤️"、"Beautiful 😍", let's check out her lovely photos.

Dora Chou Super sweet Taiwanese model

Dora Chou is a model from Taiwan, she has a lovely smile and innocent looks, she started off as an amateur model, and have since became a professional and promotional model. Dora Chou has worked at many events and exhibitions, and have recently started streaming on 17, be sure to say Hello to her!

TienTien Super sweet Malaysian streaming host

TienTien is a sweet Malaysian girl with a slim figure, she frequently shares photos online and now streams on Elelive regularly, TienTien is quite popuular and receives many likes and shares on her posts.


Stella Chen 晴晴 「大馬周子瑜」清新又甜美

來自馬來西亞的美女 Stella Chen 晴晴 外貌相當亮眼,尤其有幾分神似韓國女團成員 周子瑜,而被網友封為大馬版周子瑜;超清新的氣質,甜美的笑容和修長美腿早已捕獲了許多網友的心,Instagram帳號已經擁有超過50萬粉絲了,每次PO文可都是獲得許多回應:「女神?❤️」、「好甜」、「好可愛❤」

齊恩 Qien Lan 擁有模特兒身材的大馬美女

齊恩 Qien Lan 是名來自馬來西亞吉打(位於馬來西亞西北部)的高挑美女,現在則居住在檳城,擁有模特兒身材的她平常有兼差幫許多廠商試穿,代言服飾和其他產品;除此之外,也常分享生活上的照片,目前已經有超過3萬的追蹤者了~ 據悉 齊恩 的兩位姊姊也相當漂亮喔!

張皮皮 水汪汪大眼長庚護理系美女 身材好火辣

綽號「小臘腸 張皮皮」的正妹 張瀞尹,臉蛋甜美,身材火辣,目前就讀長庚護理系,時常在 IG 曬出自己的性感照,不管是微露事業線小秀性感,不僅上圍傲人,張皮皮的美腿也很吸睛。每次PO出福利美照都獲得粉絲相當熱烈回應::「想犯罪!」、「誰受得了?」、「噴鼻血了!」。

林庭羽 Nica 甜美又性感的展場 showgirl

林庭羽 Nica 為一名專業的模特兒,擁有姣好的臉蛋和傲人的好身材,目前主要主要從事展場showgirl工作,喜歡她的網友不要忘了追蹤他的粉絲團喔~

Must read

Joanne Tan Sweet Malaysia IG Model that’s just so adorable

Joanne Tan is a sweet IG model from Malaysia, she has such adorable and innocent features and a slim figure, it's the perfect combination! Many of her followers always like and comment on her posts:"so beautiful"、"哈哈美女呢❤️❤️"、"Oii so hott🔥🔥"

Mumu Hsia Super adorable Chinese model you just can’t resist

Mumu Hsia studied at University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, she started modelling while she was still studying, her slim waistline was one of the reasons that she caught everyone's attention. She also attended ChinaJoy exhibition for 2 years.

Joey Sze Beautiful Hong Kong Jewelry Designer

Joey Sze is a beautiful jewelry designer from Hong Kong, she's blessed with elegant features, a slim figure and a pair of fair and leggy legs. Joey Sze frequently shares her photos on Instagram, and is quite popular, with many followers that show their affection: "You are so sexy ❤️", "Cute💓", "Hey Gorgeous!"

Yurisa 박선혜 Super adorable Korean real life Snow White

Yurisa is a model and cosplayer from Korea, she has amazingly adorable anime like features, with the appropriate costumes, she can make any anime or cartoon characters such as Snow White, Platelet come to life.

manyo_yoojin “Spooky Witch” Stunning Korean blogger

manyo_yoojin is a blogger/IG Model from Korea, her IG nickname is quite interesting, roughly translated it means "Spooky Witch", however, that could not be further from the truth; manyo_yoojin is actually quite stunning and with a figure that many would envious.
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