Catwalk Production House

Jenny Cheng Elegant doe-eyed Taiwanese model

Jenny Cheng is a Taiwanese model that was previously signed under Catwalk Production House, she migrated with her family to Australia with she was 14, and has worked in the local radio stations. She moved back to Taiwan in 2007 and competed in Catwalk Production House model competition and was signed afterwards.


Angel-Ann Stunning model that’s also a race driver

Angel-Ann is a stunning model from Taiwan, besides her modelling career, and cheering on professional race drivers as a race queen she's actually an enthusiastic race driver herself too and has participated in many races and has even won one.

Song Joo A Stunningly beautiful Korean model

Song Joo A (송주아) is a beautiful South Korean model, she can often be found at many motor shows and events, she's blessed with good looks and a curvaceous figure that instantly draws everyone's attention!

Lala Su Stunning Taiwanese Promotional Model with a curvaceous figure

Lala Su is a promotional model and dancer from Taiwan, she gained mainstream popularity when she started appearing on the Taiwanese Variety Show "The Gang of Kuo Kuan" as one of the regular assistants. Lala Su has since started attending in other variety tv shows guests.

Ciao Wen super adorable Malaysian “Fairy”

Ciao Wen is an adorable Malaysian girl that just turned 18, with innocent facial features and big doe-eyes. Ciao Wen is quite popular on Instagram with almost 150,000 followers, with many passionate followers, some describing her as a fairy.

munkaw voluptuous Thai model with innocent features

munkaw is a stunning model from Thailand, she's blessed with an extremely voluptuous figure, but also has very innocent features, she's very popular on Instagram and Facebook, with over 1.5 million followers combined, let's check out her photos below


Alina 愛佳奈 兇兇「傲嬌甜心」娃娃音好迷人

今天的主角 Alina 愛佳奈 曾經在節目《校花來了》擔任固定班底,當時就讀台灣科技大學的她,還被封為「台科校花」。外表亮眼,身材姣好的她不但是職業模特兒,還身兼活動主持人,她卻自爆因為天生的娃娃音,讓她很多工作都接不到,不過也正因為她的娃娃音捕獲許多粉絲~

Emily Chiu 擁有鄰家女孩氣息的清新正妹

Emily Chiu 是名甜美的正妹,擁有和藹可親的鄰家女孩氣息,給人就是非常親切的感覺,目前從事模特兒和SG的工作;聽說是為了模特兒工作還特意再瘦下來的,想當模特兒的朋友們可以向她多請教喔!

郭伊寶 好美的長髮飄逸氣質正妹


丘涵 Joanne 超甜的大眼無双樂團琵琶手

今天要介紹的正妹是 丘涵 Joanne,擁有甜美外表和一雙水靈深邃大眼,再加上渾圓豐滿的傲人身材,讓很多粉絲看到她就立刻被迷住了!不過丘涵可不只是漂亮,她也是位音樂才女,從小就學習琵琶的她目前在知名的美女樂團「無双樂團」擔任琵琶手,喜歡她的朋友可以去看她們的表演或參加她們的活動喔!

林旻儀 米米 迷人電眼渾圓美胸超正麻豆

林旻儀 米米 來自嘉義,目前從事模特兒工作,擁有迷人電眼和渾圓美胸,好身材相當吸睛;有過許多外拍和旅拍的經驗,作品更有被著名雜誌報導過,許多粉絲都認為 米米 應該即將要進入演藝界了!除了擔任麻豆之外,同時也經營自己的網拍,甜美的 林旻儀 米米 最近也開始接觸SG的工作,想要認識她的話千萬不要錯過了

Must read

Kofan Super adorable streamer with a smile that melts your heart

Kofan is a popular streamer game streamer and cosplay from Taiwan, she first got into the game streaming due to Overwatch, she was extremely into it and bought her first computer in order to play it, she later on was able to participate in an Overwatch event cosplaying as Tracer!

Alva Chiang adorable Taiwanese influencer that rivals a Japanese idol

Alva Chiang is a popular influencer & IG Model from Taiwan, she has the Japanese style appearance that's so adorable, you can see many of her different styles of photo shoots on Instagram, which rivals a Japanese idol!

Seo Hyebin Korean model spitting image of “Jun Ji-hyun”

Seo Hyebin is a beautiful girl from Korea, she has stunning features, electrifying eyes and a slim figure, she's currently work as an online catalog model and often shares her work and personal photos on Instagram. Many of her fans think she's a spitting image of the famous Korean actress "Jun Ji-hyun", do you agree? Check out her photos and decide for yourselves!

Yuyu Xu stunning ex Flash Wolves cutie with a smile you can’t resist

Yuyu Xu is a stunningly beautiful girl from Taiwan, she was a former member of the League of Legends Flash Wolves girls team, she primarily played "Jungle". Yuyu Xu also streams many of her games and is quite active on social media.
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