Baby Tse

“Xiao Yun Bao Bao” Stunning ex-pro League of Legends player

It used to be hard to imagine someone like "Xiao Yun Bao Bao" to be into gaming, let alone be a professional player. Her real name is Baby Tse, and is from Hong Kong, she moved to Taiwan due to her love for League of Legends and became part of "AHQ e-Sports Club" as a member of the all girl group "AHQ Girls", all the members are diamond tiered.


Yuyu Xu stunning ex Flash Wolves cutie with a smile you can’t resist

Yuyu Xu is a stunningly beautiful girl from Taiwan, she was a former member of the League of Legends Flash Wolves girls team, she primarily played "Jungle". Yuyu Xu also streams many of her games and is quite active on social media.

chongyy Electrifying Malaysian cutie you can’t resist

chongyy is a beautiful Malaysian girl, she has beautiful features, electrifying eyes and a stunning figure, she has gained many followers on Instagram, and also currently streams on Elelive, let's check out her some of stunning pictures.

Pattranite Limpatiyakorn Super lovely Thai actress

Pattranite Limpatiyakorn, popularly known as Love Pattranite, is a Thai actress and model, she has starred in various films and tv shows, she is best known for Still 2gether (2020), Blacklist (2019) and 2gether (2020).

shexingbaba innocent Chinese girl with an irresistible smile

shexingbaba is a stunning girl from Xiamen, China, she's blessed with innocent features, and most importantly an irresistible smile, she has attracted many followers on social media and frequently shares photos from her daily routines and photo shoots.


白可婕 Angel 天然美正妹鎖骨好性感

最近微整已經成為很平常的事了,不只藝人,許多愛漂亮的女孩甚至有些男孩也都有接觸過,不過小編今天要介紹給大家的是一位天然正妹 白可婕 ,天生俱來的清新臉蛋就算不化妝也是十分引人注目了,據說本人最滿意的部位可是他的鎖骨呢

蔣妞妞 蔣佳紋 可愛又魔鬼的娃娃女美女車模

這次為大家介紹的這位是長相超正身材又超棒的正妹 蔣妞妞 蔣佳紋 ,主要從事模特兒和展場showgirl的工作,人氣相當高,平時也非常喜歡自拍,也不吝嗇的時常在臉書上分享生活與工作美照,清新的娃娃臉加上前凸後翹的魔鬼身材,真的是要相貌有相貌要身材有身材喔!不管是工作或出遊照片都相當迷人,每次PO文都引來網友熱議~

고귀림 超甜韩国美女 穿起制服好有韩剧感觉呢

这次为大家介绍的是来自韩国的美女 고귀림,相貌相当甜美,大大的双眼,阳光般灿烂的笑容非常引人注目,简直就是位小公主,尤其穿上学校制服,好有韩剧的感觉呢~ 고귀림 似乎也相当喜欢健身,难怪身材保持的那么好~ 每次发文也都受到粉丝们热烈的回应:「You are so beautiful 😘」、「사랑합니다❤️❤️」、「My very princess very love you ❤️❤️😍」

刘彤彤 萌萌可爱网路模特 纤细美腿好吸睛

今天为大家介绍的是目前住在台中的可爱美女刘彤彤,拥有超萌脸蛋和比列姣好的身材,纤细白皙的美腿也非常吸睛,目前从事模特工作,主要拍摄服饰穿搭及网路模特作品,在IG上能欣赏到她许多日常生活及工作美照喔!可爱萌萌的 刘彤彤 也捕获了许多粉丝,每次发文都得到相当热烈的回应喔:「好美妳」、「好可爱!?」、「好美的腿」

徐薇涵 小海豚 好漂亮的麥當勞員工大眼正妹

大眼正妹 徐薇涵 (小海豚) 擁有可愛的外表和一雙會放電的大眼,平時在麥當勞工作的他可是位非常敬業的員工,就算身體不舒服還是照樣開工.除此之外他也兼差當外拍麻豆,嘗試過很多不同的造型包括女僕等造型,已經吸引了不少粉絲追蹤,有時候也會開RC直播跟粉絲們互動喔~

Must read

Mumu Hsia Super adorable Chinese model you just can’t resist

Mumu Hsia studied at University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, she started modelling while she was still studying, her slim waistline was one of the reasons that she caught everyone's attention. She also attended ChinaJoy exhibition for 2 years.

Miso Chang Stunning leggy Goddess model

Miso Chang (Xia Qing) is a beautiful model originally from Singapore, she is now based and has lived in Taiwan for more than 10 years, she's blessed with a pair of long and slim legs that are 109 cm long.

Duebass beautiful Chinese model that resembles Yui Aragaki

Duebass is a beautiful Chinese girl, she appears to be studying in Hong Kong, even though she's quite young, she already have many modelling experiences and portfolios. Some netizens thinks she resembles Japanese actress Yui Aragaki.

Gogwilim 고귀림 Super sweet Korean IG Model makes you feel like you’re in K-drama

Gogwilim 고귀림 is a sweet girl from South Korea, she has large eyes, sweet smile, swiping through her IG photos, you feel like you're almost in the settings of a K-drama with the various scenes and her outfits. Many of her followers often share and comments on her posts: "You are so beautiful 😘"、"사랑합니다❤️❤️"、"My very princess very love you ❤️❤️😍".

Amber Lin Super Leggy Taiwanese dancer

Amber Lin is a leggy girl from Taiwan, she works primarily as a promotional model and dancer at various event, exhibitions and motor races. Amber Lin is also part of the dance group "Single Lady", and hopes to start a career in the entertainment industry.
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