Ann Lu

Ann Lu Stunning Taiwanese fashion model with the perfect figure

Ann Lu was a famous fashion catalog model from Taiwan, she has been extremely popular online due to her innocent facial features and perfect figure, and has accumulated many followers. She has appeared on the famous match making TV show "Fei Chang Wan Mei" in China.


Papoy Waralee Super sweet Thai Model with irresistible figure

Papoy Waralee is a super sweet model from Thailand, she has adorable features and slim figure, she has posted many of photo shoot and daily photos to her Instagram and Facebook accounts, and has gained many followers and fans.

Kanoktip Tummanon Beautiful Thai Playboy model

Kanoktip Tummanon is a beautiful model from Thailand, she's blessed with stunning features and a luscious figure, she had been a Playboy model previously, and is quite popular online with over 600,000 IG followers!

Minami Aizawa super adorable in her day-to-day life

Minami Aizawa is a Japanese AV star, she's currently exclusively contracted by "IdeaPocket", she was born in Hong Kong, and also lived in LA for 7 years, so she's quite fluent in English, her hobbies include jogging and baking.

Ya Chen leggy Taiwanese freelance model

Ya Chen is a freelance model from Taiwan, she has attractive features and a petite figure, her most eye catching feature is her pair of long legs. Ya Chen frequently posts to her Instagram, and has accumulated many followers.

Mini Yu Stunning Chinese “Boa Hancock”

Mini Yu is a famouse Chinese model, she primarily does fashion shoots and exhibition events, she's blessed with big, deep eyes, a curvaceous figure, long and slim legs. One of her most iconic moments was when she dressed up as Boa Hancock from One Piece at a comic convention.


Evonne Chou 身材好棒的甜美正妹 網友都戀愛了

來自馬來西亞的甜美正妹 Evonne Chou 不僅臉蛋亮麗,兇兇的上圍和苗條小蠻腰也是相當引人注目,喜歡旅遊的她,時常在網路上分享生活和出遊美照,Instagram 上已經累積了7萬多粉絲追蹤了,並讓許多網友都戀愛了,紛紛留言:「妳好正」、「美咯」、「美女今天好美」、「?So pretty?」、「漂亮」

박가을 大眼南韓直播美女超甜美

這次小編為大家介紹的是南韓的直播美女主播 박가을,平時主要在 afreecaTV 擔任BJ(主播)與觀眾互動,同時也會在自己的YouTube頻道上發布影片,種類相當多元:開箱、搞笑、跳舞各種都有喔,可以去看看囉,接下來就讓我們一起看看 박가을 的美照吧!

范亞璇 神似洋娃娃的甜美正妹 真想抱抱她

妹妹背著洋娃娃~走在路上來看花~ ♪這首兒歌可是每個人的童年,想必大家都耳熟能詳,是吧!在每個女人心中,其實都住著一隻洋娃娃!范亞璇 這位來自台中的甜美的正妹神似活生生的洋娃娃,不僅臉蛋甜美,身材更是前凸後翹,相當玲瓏有緻,時常在網路上分享美照的她人氣極高,已經有許多忠實粉絲追蹤了~

娜娜小姐 逆天美腿OL 為什麼沒有這樣的同事~

今天「正妹時代」的女主角是暱稱 娜娜小姐 的 Joanna,目前主要從事平面模特兒工作,擁有甜美臉蛋,苗條纖瘦好身材,尤其是她那雙修長的美腿,尤其是搭配上OL裝,更是讓許多網友都受不了,都拜倒在她的小短裙下~紛紛留言:「這腿太誇張了!!」、「我最愛OL~~性感美腿哦」、「娜娜小姐怕OL最好看了」

周宜陵 Dana 好性感的狂野長腿美姬

今天的女主角是 周宜陵 Dana ,她是一位模特兒~平常的工作像是平面攝影、dancer或展場SG都有涉略,活躍的範圍可以說是相當的廣; 周宜陵 Dana 最大的特色就是酷似混血兒般深邃的五官~靠近看還可以看到有個小虎牙跟小酒窩和103公分長的美腿

Must read

Lan Chang Angelic Taiwanese “Goddess” fair skinned model

Lan Chang is a beautiful model from Taiwan with angelic features and fair skin. Lan Chang was signed by EeLin Entertainment (EeLin Models) in 2010, she has been appeared in many magazines, fashion shows and variety tv shows, she has since also started appearing TV dramas.

Christina Tzeng from Catalog model to Pop idol

Christina Tzeng is a member of the Taiwanese girl group "Twinko", she started her career as a catalog model, working primarily in Japanese style boutiques due to her resemblance to Japanese style models. Christina Tzeng has also been featured in many magazines as well.

Mumu Hsia Super adorable Chinese model you just can’t resist

Mumu Hsia studied at University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, she started modelling while she was still studying, her slim waistline was one of the reasons that she caught everyone's attention. She also attended ChinaJoy exhibition for 2 years.

Yurisa 박선혜 Super adorable Korean real life Snow White

Yurisa is a model and cosplayer from Korea, she has amazingly adorable anime like features, with the appropriate costumes, she can make any anime or cartoon characters such as Snow White, Platelet come to life.

Lala Su Stunning Taiwanese Promotional Model with a curvaceous figure

Lala Su is a promotional model and dancer from Taiwan, she gained mainstream popularity when she started appearing on the Taiwanese Variety Show "The Gang of Kuo Kuan" as one of the regular assistants. Lala Su has since started attending in other variety tv shows guests.
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