Marina Nagasawa


Regina Syue doe-eyed beautiful Taiwanese promotional model

Regina Syue is a beautiful promotional model from Taiwan with large doe-eyes, and innocent smile. She's very popular at gaming and motor exhibitions shows, such as Tower of Saviors.

Larine Tang Stunningly beautiful HK model

Larine Tang is a beautiful model from Hong Kong, she was born in Chongqing, China and moved to Hong Kong when she was little. She was first discovered in 2016 while working as a waitress at a Thai restaurant when someone took photos of her and uploaded it online. Larine Tang has since signed up with GME, and been involved in modelling, acting and singing.

Mini Yu Stunning Chinese “Boa Hancock”

Mini Yu is a famouse Chinese model, she primarily does fashion shoots and exhibition events, she's blessed with big, deep eyes, a curvaceous figure, long and slim legs. One of her most iconic moments was when she dressed up as Boa Hancock from One Piece at a comic convention.

Natasha Chang Alluring Taiwanese IG model receiving proposals from fans

Natasha Chang is an attractive and alluring girl from Taiwan, like many people today, she frequently shares her photos on social media and have accumulated more than 137K followers. Natasha Chang has even received proposals from one of her fans!

KZi Stunning IG Fan Page editor

KZi is an IG Model Fan Page editor from Taiwan, who just happens to be quite a stunner herself. She also part times as an amateur model, you can see many photos from shoots on her Instagram page, let's check it out~


陳靜婷 好有靈氣的麥當勞姐姐 網友楸團來朝聖

今天為大家介紹另一位麥當勞正妹 陳靜婷,擁有一雙充滿靈性的眼睛和陽光般的燦爛笑容,已經連續被網友PO上PTT表特版,讓網友看完大喊「哪家麥當勞?朝聖啦!」。陳靜婷 除了五官細緻,身材也一流,除了有制服照、外出照,其他網友看到後回「蠻正的啊!我可以為了他吃麥當勞」、「眼神超迷人」、「哪一家?不遠的話每天去」、「真的很正,娶回家真棒」、「神美」。

妮妮 Niniko 遊戲實況主播超甜美

今天介紹的是網路人氣美女 妮妮 Niniko ,原為實況素人的妮妮,目前已簽於有魔競娛樂,著甜美可愛的外表加上健談開朗的個性、幽默搞笑的實況風格使她與粉絲、觀眾都能有熱烈的互動,曾為知名遊戲特約實況主以及代言出席手機app現場活動。

林明禎 MinChen 超甜大馬正妹讓人有戀愛感覺

前陣子在網路上瘋傳的馬來西亞正妹 林明禎 ,甜美的笑容、魔鬼的身材,被網友們譽為真人版娜美,還有大馬小郭雪芙之稱;清新的 林明禎 迅速竄紅,讓全台拜倒在她的石榴裙下,還讓許多網友都有了戀愛感覺。 林明禎 出生於馬來西亞檳城,在家中排行第二, 2015年3月移居到台北生活,開始在台灣展開其演藝事業。

明日花綺羅 超正「暗黑界女神」原來還會搞笑嘻哈

日本美女女優 明日花綺羅 ,臉蛋甜美可愛,身材火辣,出道多年不僅奠定「暗黑界女神」地位,在演藝界也有不俗成績,演出過電影,目前還是性感女團「惠比壽麝香葡萄」的隊長,在亞洲人氣超高。

Must read

Yuki Ethereal Taiwanese cutie that looks good in anything

Yuki is a beautiful girl from Taiwan with ethereal features, fair skins and slim figure, with her keen dress sense, she looks good in anything that she puts on. Many of the photos she uploads feel almost as if they're taken straight from a movie or idol dramas.

Vivian Hsieh beautiful Taiwan IG model

Vivian Hsieh is a beautiful IG Model from Taiwan, she moved to Canada when she was young and have since moved back to Taiwan. Vivian Hsieh has an extremely large following online, with over 3 million IG followers at the moment, and have worked with many brands for promotions.

이아린 Ahrin adorable Korean IG model that’s too cute

이아린 Ahrin is an adorable IG model from South Korea, she has sweet features, fair skin, and a stunning figure, she has many loving followers on Instagram: "Looking good👌😍","😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻 love ahrin ❤️", "사랑해요❤️❤️"

Deer Chan Super cute League of Legends E-sports “Girls HK” member

Deer (Kaching) Chan is a gamer and streamer from Hong Kong, she was part of Hong Kong's first professional League of Legends Girls team "Girls HK", she usually played the support role. Deer Chan also streams many of her games on twitch, and cosplay and models on occasions at events too.
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