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Ride on Waves S3 3rd Stage Result | Individual Ranking | Elimination List


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Mango TV’s Ride on Waves (Season 3) 3rd Stage has just aired, how does everyone feel about the performances? In this article, we’ve compiled the team results, individual rankings, and elimination lists for the stage.

1st Round

The Top 2 teams that receive the highest votes will be rewarded with 3 safe spots, the rest will be in danger of being eliminated. The last team will be broken up.

Here are the votes received by each team

  1. Team Cyndi Wang (Cyndi Wang, Gillian Chung, Charlene Choi, Crystal Zhang, Wu Jinyan)- Star Lighting – 915
  2. Team Sitar Tan (Sitar Tan, Fiona Sit, Amber Kuo, Qi Xi, Mao Junjie) – Jade – 892
  3. Team Jessica Jung (Jessica Jung, Zhu Jiejing, Wang Zixuan, Zhang Li, Zhang Xinyi) – Nobody – 867
  4. Team Kelly Yu (Kelly Yu, Tang Shiyi, Kelsey Zhao, Sara Chang, Liu Lian)- Beautiful Woman – 826
  5. Team Xu Mengtao (Xu Mengtao, Valen Hsu, Myolie Wu, Huang Yi, Aya Liu)- 11 – 781

Result: Team Cyndi Wang & Team Sitar Tan each receive 3 safe spots

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2nd Round

The winning team members will earn 2 safe spots for their first-round teams, the rest are in danger of being eliminated.

Here are the votes received by each team

  • Team Natasha Na (Natasha Na, Sitar Tan, Jessica Jung, Valen Hsu) – Lonely Warrior – 514
  • Team Ning Jing (Ning Jing, Charlene Choi, Kelsey Zhao) – Stronger – 479

Result: Team Natasha Na wins, therefore Team Sitar Tan, Team Jessica Jung, and Team Xu Mengtao from the 1st round each receive 2 safe spots.

Combined Results

Safe Spots

  • Team Sitar Tan – 5 (All members safe)
  • Team Cyndi Wang – 3
  • Team Xu Mengtao – 2
  • Team Jessica Jung – 2
  • Team Kelly Yu – 0

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Team Points Tally

  1. Team Sitar Tan – Jade – 1406
  2. Team Cyndi Wang – Star Lighting – 1394
  3. Team Jessica Jung – Nobody – 1381
  4. Team Kelly Yu – Beautiful Woman – 1305
  5. Team Xu Mengtao – 11 – 1295

Accumulated Debut Spots

  • Natasha Na – 3
  • Ning Jing – 2

Individual Ranking

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  1. Sitar Tan – 249 (Team Sitar Tan)
  2. Cyndi Wang – 243 (Team Cyndi Wang)
  3. Jessica Jung – 221 (Team Jessica Jung)
  4. Gillian Chung – 198 (Team Cyndi Wang)
  5. Charlene Choi – 186 (Team Cyndi Wang)
  6. Crystal Zhang – 174 (Team Cyndi Wang)
  7. Kelly Yu – 155 (Team Kelly Yu)
  8. Fiona Sit – 142 (Team Sitar Tan)
  9. Amber Kuo – 127 (Team Sitar Tan)
  10. Wu Jinyan – 125 (Team Cyndi Wang)
  11. Valen Hsu – 113 (Team Xu Mengtao)
  12. Tang Shiyi – 108 (Team Kelly Yu)
  13. Xu Mengtao – 96 (Team Xu Mengtao)
  14. Zhu Jiejing – 84 (Team Jessica Jung)
  15. Qi Xi – 82 (Team Sitar Tan)
  16. Wang Zixuan – 80 (Team Jessica Jung)
  17. Kelsey Zhao – 77 (Team Kelly Yu)
  18. Zhang Li – 76 (Team Jessica Jung)
  19. Myolie Wu – 72 (Team Xu Mengtao)
  20. Mao Junjie – 70 (Team Sitar Tan)
  21. Zhang Xinyi – 68 (Team Jessica Jung)
  22. Sara Chang – 63 (Team Kelly Yu)
  23. Liu Lian – 61 (Team Kelly Yu)
  24. Huang Yi – 59 (Team Xu Mengtao)
  25. Aya Liu – 52 (Team Xu Mengtao)

Elimination List

  • Liu Lian – 61 (Team Kelly Yu)
  • Huang Yi – 59 (Team Xu Mengtao)
  • Aya Liu – 52 (Team Xu Mengtao)

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