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Ride on Waves S3 4th Stage Result | Individual Ranking | Elimination List


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Mango TV’s Ride on Waves (Season 3) 4th Stage is set to air on the 15th of July, lots of information have been leaked by those that attended the recording. In this article, we’ve compiled the team results, individual rankings, and elimination lists for this stage.

Spoiler Alert, Please be aware the information below will reveal the results of the 4th Stage and those that have been eliminated, do not continue if you don’t wish to be spoiled before the episode airs.

Ride on Waves invited back 3 members from both Season 1 and Season 2 of the show to participate in this performance.

Season 1 members: Lisi Danny, Jia, Gina Jin
Season 2 members: Summer Jike, Joey Yung, Vivi Jiang
Season 3 Team Leaders: Cyndi Wang, Jessica Jung, Sitar Tan, Kelly Yu

1st Round: Team Leader Battle

Ning Jing Alliance: Lisi Danny, Cyndi Wang, Jessica Jung – NAMANANA – 532
Natasha Na Alliance: Summer Jike, Sitar Tan, Kelly Yu – YOUNG – 461

Result: Ning Jing Alliance wins

2nd Round: Season 1 Sisters (Ning Jing) vs Season 2 Sisters (Natasha Na)

Season 1 Sisters: Ning Jing, Lisi Danny, Jia, Gina Jin – 903
Season 2 Sisters: Natasha Na, Summer Jike, Joey Yung, Vivi Jiang – 869

Result: Ning Jing Alliance wins

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3rd Round: Season 3 Teams vs Season 1 & Season 2 Teams

This round is the most confusing and criticized by the most people
The scores accumulated in the previous 2 rounds by Season 1 & Season2 teams will be used as the basis for 3rd Season teams to surpass in order to succeed.
However, Cyndi Wang who was part of Ning Jing (Season 1) team in the 1st round swaps places with Sitar Tan who was part of Natasha Na (Season 2) team in this round, so basically they end up having to challenge the scores they helped to achieve in this round.

Team Kelly Yu & Team Cyndi Wang vs Season 1 Team score (532+903) = 1435
Team Jessica Jung & Team Sitar Tan vs Season 2 Team score (461+869) = 1330

3rd Round Details
Team Season 1
Competing Teams Season 1 Team VS Team Kelly Yu Season 1 Team VS Team Cyndi Wang
Score 1435 > 461 + Team Kelly Yu 3rd round score 1435 > 532 + Team Cyndi Wang Score
Results Season 1 Team wins Season 1 Team wins
Team Season 2
Competing Teams Season 2 Team VS Team Jessica Jung Season 2 Team VS Team Sitar Tan
Score 1330 < 1384 (561+852) 1330> 461 + Team Sitar Tan Score
Result Team Jessica Jung wins Season 2 Team wins

Results: Team Jessica Jung are all safe, and members from the other teams are in danger of being eliminated

Accumulated Debut Spots

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Individual Ranking

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Elimination List

  • Mao Junjie – (Team Sitar Tan)
  • Myolie Wu – (Team Kelly Yu)
  • Valen Hsu – (Team Kelly Yu)

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