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Cyndi Wang “Bishop of Sweetness” returns to Spotlight with Nostalgic “Love You” Performance


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Cyndi Wang, the Taiwanese singer known as the “Bishop of Sweetness” across China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan in the mid-2000s for her sweet image, participated in the 3rd season of the Chinese variety TV show “Sisters Who Make Waves” on the streaming platform Mango TV as a contestant, other contestants include Jessica Jung, ex SNSD member, Charlene Choi and Gillian Chung from Twins, and Amber Kuo.

Although she only appeared for about 7 minutes in total in the first episode which aired on the 23rd of May, her 1-minute performance of her hit song “Love You” (愛你) from 2004, in her school uniform outfit replicated her look from back then instantly captured everyone’s attention.

The performance immediately went viral, with searches related to her and the performance dominating the Weibo searches, discussions, and videos of her topping various Chinese video social media platforms such as Douyin, and Bilibili, dwarfing her fellow contestants. Playbacks and downloads of her songs also topped the music charts, occupying 9 out of the top 10 spots.

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Image courtesy of “Sisters Who Make Waves” Weibo

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Maybe Netizens commented: “So sweet❤️how can she still be so cute😻when she’s nearly 40”, “Her vocal is even better now, she would still be a star if she debuted now”, “I’m so happy watching this but I’m crying at the same time😭😭😭😭😭”, “I feel revitalized again at 38 after watching this~”

Image courtesy of Cyndi Wang IG

let’s check out the viral performance

Cyndi Wang “Love You” Performances on “Sisters Who Make Waves”

Cyndi also started a “Sing Love You with Cyndy” hashtag & challenge on Douyin (Chinese TikTok) with this opportunity, with many netizens participating, including current singers and influencers.

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Clare Duan (段奧娟) Sing with Cyndi Clip

Clip from Clare Duan Douyin

Feng Timo (馮提莫) Sing with Cyndi Clip

Clip from Feng Timo Douyin

We’ve also compiled Cyndi’s various performance of “Love You”, including the original Music Video

Cyndi Wang 2004 Concert “Love You” Performance Clip

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Cyndi Wang 2007 Beatrice Hsu Memorial Service Concert “Love You” Performance Clip

Cyndi Wang – Love You Music Video

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